Tuesday, September 8, 2020

A guide to acne-fighting ingredients (I am not a dermatologist, just crazy)| 'CUTE, KIND OF' EPISODE #38


Well friends, I have a special episode for y'all today. I am talking about skincare — specifically about acne. Even more specific than that, I am talking about the different acne-fighting ingredients found in skincare products. 

This episode came about when I was confused about what ingredients to look for in products, ingredients to avoid and ingredients not use in combination. I also decided I should stop taking advice from people who were not experts on the subject — and when I mean experts, I mean people who are not dermatologists. 

I did the research (All the information came from, what can I say they are the beauty expert) to learn all the major skincare ingredients and finally find out who should use products with what ingredient. I am talking about Niacinamide, BHAs, PHAs, Arbutin and more.

Also, today is the last episode of Season 2 — YAY! But on a happy note, Season 3 will start this Friday with a Fall GRWM.


Products Mentioned:

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Thank you for listening~ I hope you enjoyed ^_^

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