Thursday, July 8, 2021

Product Reviews and Recommendations IV | 'Cute, Kind Of' Episode #75


Hey, friends ~ welcome back to CKO! First things first, let's take a second to acknowledge that this episode is about four days late. *moment of silence* Ok, good, let's move on.

Today's episode is this season's product reviews and recommendations episode. Every season, I like to do an episode about the products I have been using and mention who might like from them. I edited down the list because I did not make the episode too long, but I think I will do two episodes next season though!

That said, thank you for listening and/or reading! We are on the second-to-last episode (?) of season five — and very soon, we are heading into season six. I hope everyone is excited!

Again, a huge thank you for being here <3

Products Mentioned (Affiliate Links):

Products Mentioned (Not Affiliate Links):

Thanks for reading!

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