Friday, February 25, 2022

What I Got For My 24th Birthday | 'Cute, Kind Of' Episode #91


Happy Friday! I recently celebrated my 24th birthday this past weekend. I got some nice things for my birthday and wanted to share them with you all. In the end, I touch on my new uploading schedule and my obsession with TikTok makeup videos. 

Also, thank you for all the birthday wishes! I am really lucky that I get to do this job and get gifts from my family every year. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to receive such love and kind words. 

So thank you! Whoever is reading this, I appreciate your support. I am very thankful :)  


Thursday, February 10, 2022

My Current Hair Tools (GHD Styler, Dyson Airwrap, Bed Head Little Tease) | 'Cute, Kind Of' Episode #90


Happy Thursday y'all! 

I am back with another episode of CKO today. We are doing a hair tools episode. I am basically reviewing all the hair tools I use and will be comparing the Dyson Complete Styler with the Revlon One-Step Blow Dryer. Also, this the first episode of season 7 — so yeah, thats cool.  

If you have have a moment, please rate and review the podcast on Apple Podcasts. It helps the podcast out so so so much. 

With that being said, I hope you enjoy!


Tuesday, February 1, 2022

GRWM — Euphoria Maddy Perez (Alexa Demie) | 'Cute, Kind Of' Episode #89


Happy February, friends ~ This week's episode is a GRWM, and I did Maddy's makeup (Alexa Demie) from season 2, episode 1 of Euphoria

It took me a long time to record this episode because I also recorded a TikTok while recording, which you can watch here. When I was younger, I dreamed of being a YouTube beauty guru, so I am lowkey living out my dream. 

To be real tho, recording a GRWM while doing a TikTok is a struggle.  Also, the pictures and makeup are running warmer because I do not own a lot of cool-tone makeup. With that being said, I hope you enjoy!

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